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Biz Com Professional

Product Use Cases

First Mile Media Learning Solutions are conceived and created to cater to the Learning Industry at Large:-  from Colleges to Corporates to L&D Organizations and Premium English Coaching Institutions to the Edu-tech World. is Social Media Interactions, repurposed for Professional Learning & Development.

Corporate L&D

Business English Excellence is the Number 1 training trigger in the Corporate World.  Host your employees on Trainer-guided for continuous learning & application of Business English.

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Campus to Corporate

Campus Interviews base their “Selection” criteria on Communication Skills. Boost your Selection Rate on Campus Interviews by hosting Students on – Continuous Learning & Improvement.

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Sales Team
Management Tool

Enable your Field-Force with round-the-clock Team Manager & Team Member Support. Sales Targets can be Group Targets. A Digital platform for Sales Training, Reporting, Reward & Recognition and Collaboration.

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White Label

In-house the Tool for use within your corporate private domains with access limited to Employees. We will help Build – Operate and Transfer the Management (Back-end) Activities to the HR, L&D team.

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