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Excel at Business English with "Mere Exposure" Learning Model

Employability & Excellence

Biz Com Pro provides a platform for Students & Corporate Co-workers to Collaborate, Share and Co-Learn any Training Subject including Business Communication Skills with Curated YouTube Videos, Discussions/Debates, Micro Vlog Uploads, Constructive Feedback and so much more…

- Campus Selection -
Fluent & Confident English

Improving Campus Employability for Colleges & B-Schools. Students will exhibit better speaking fluency by tempering Personal Inhibition & Improving Confidence.

- Corporate Technical Training -
Training Continuity Tool

Lend continuity to your In-person & Remote Training initiatives by hosting the learner group on Biz Com Pro. Expose learners to curated Videos and Training Collateral.

- L&D Training -
Business Communication

Improve your Employees’ interaction with Local & Global Stakeholders. Business Communication is critical for Indv. Contributors, Teams & Program Managers.

An Innovative, Effective & Transformative Learning Model

Mere Exposure for
Communication Excellence

Our Business Conversation or Communication competence develops organically when we are Exposed to conversations with other Students, Professors, Co-workers, Customers, Stakeholders and Clients. “Shop Talk” is an extremely powerful learning driver for Fluent & Effective Communication.


Biz Com Pro hosts Learner Groups and engages them with Business Conversations, Curated Business Videos, Interview Scenarios, Corporate Meetings & Presentations. Our panel of Trainers will trigger Discussions, Facilitate Group Feedback. With features like Group Discussions, Micro-VLOG Video uploads & Gamification Awards, Biz Com Pro provides an engaging Group Learning Experience over a 12 Month Period.

What every Learner can Expect on Biz Com Pro

Mere Exposure to
All Things that are Business

1. Exposure to Curated YouTube videos based on the topic of Training.


2. Attract Feedback from Trainers & other Group members.


3. Upload Micro Vlog Videos to temper Inhibition & boost Confidence.


4. Become a part of a pre-selected group or create your own group.


5. Group members will Collaborate & Share for collective Learning.


6. Earn Rewards, Badges and Ranks based on their Participation.


7. Members can Debate to Learn or Teach to Learn with other members.


8. Live-stream Presentations on Twitch and invite Feedback.

Lending Purpose to Professional Networking

Mindful Membership

BizComPro is a Strictly Business Platform, with constant & continuous Trainer oversight.


The membership on-boarding process is currently subject to a short preliminary discussion. This is to ensure that there is a Group Consensus on the Learning Goal thus preserving the Utility Value of the platform.

Membership Access is triggered by our team as soon as the on-boarding discussion phase is complete.


Get Started…

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Fixed Line: 080 417 138 38

A BizComPro membership is not available for purchase to Individuals. We are a Group Learning Network therefore the onboarding applies to One or many groups at a time. We have opened membership for Corporate Groups and Independent Groups at this point in time. You can reach us at any one of the co-ordinates mentioned on the left to initiate a group onboarding discussion.
The Group On-boarding Discussion includes:
1. Establish a common consensus on the Learning Goals.
2. A Learning Roadmap is charted out for the group.
3. A Lead Facilitator is assigned to the Group.
4. Members select a Moderator for their Group.
5. Members sign-off on the Code of Conduct Document.
6. A Membership Link with a Private Group Setting is shared with all the members of the Group.

Our “Corporate Group” on-boarding is paid for by your employer therefore, members need not pay anything for a 12 Month period or as long as these Group Subscriptions are renewed by your organization.

Our “Individual Group” On-boarding process gives learners/members the option of forming their own learning partners who may or may not work for the organization You work with. Simply initiate the onboarding discussion with us and we will organize the rest of the group formation. We have special subscription fees which will suit you better since your organization isn’t funding this learning experience. Also, if you’ve ever been trained in the past by Learning In Motion. Dilzee or JP – We have a special “Honor System” subscription model for you.
Biz Coins are part of our Gamification System which allows you to track your Effort Levels towards the training topic. You are rewarded with Biz Coins each time you log in to the site, upload videos for feedback, post an article etc. Members/Groups with the highest Biz Coin Points are constantly highlighted on
You can leave a group and join another at any point in time – No Questions Asked. The Community Management Protocol Document clearly outlines how new members can be added, existing members replaced or changed. The Group Moderator will hand-hold your Entry and Exit Process.